This blog has been long in coming. I had planned to start it as a way of keeping a journal of our family’s move from Maryland, USA to El Jadida, Morocco in November 2012. Almost a year has passed now and I’m just getting started. But though it won’t be the record of that first difficult transition year as I had hoped, Insha’Allah (God-willing) it will still be a way for us to share our experiences and new life here with friends, family, and whoever else may be interested.

So a little about us:

I am American, a convert to Islam, a wife, mother, teacher, lover of the Arabic language and perpetual student of it, as well as lover of all intelligent discussions. One of the things I miss the most is my book club.

My husband is Moroccan, just returning to his native land after 11 years in the US. He is an engineer and loves to play and laugh.

Our children are Younes (10), Houda (8), and Soumaya (5), half-American, half-Moroccan, they exhibit traits of both cultures and so far seem comfortable in both lands. This is definitely helped by the fact that even in the US, they grew up speaking Moroccan Arabic with their father, thus easing one aspect of the transition.

We highly value our religion Islam, in fact this was one of the main reasons for our move to Morocco. We wanted the children to be educated in a Muslim country where they could receive a solid education in Arabic, as this is the key to the study of sacred knowledge. Values come mostly from the home, but Arabic education was one thing that I had a very hard time giving them in the US despite our flexible homeschooling schedule. We also wanted for them (as well as ourselves) to experience living among Muslims, hearing the call to prayer five times a day, sharing the holidays with the whole country rather than just our small community.

I hope to use this blog to share our experiences, explore ideas, and examine similarities and differences of culture. I welcome comments and hope for a fruitful dialog.


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